All channels: BTL, DM, eDM, Websites, Microsites, Landing Pages, Strategy, Collateral, Business Magazine, Digital Display, Demand Gen… Senior Concept Creative @JPMH. – Google Global Marketing Excellence Gold Award. We invited CFOs to spend just five minutes on a memorable microsite that took them on an unexpected journey; scrolling up through the clouds. Targeted to +3,000 corporate CFOs and FDs, delivering 2,200 unique visitors. Average dwell time of 5 minutes (and 8 seconds) – which luckily meant we got the headline right! +600 visitors going on to download additional resources / +150 direct or indirect corporate enquiries for Google Apps for Business. Winner of the Google Gold Global Marketing Excellence Award and rolled out in toolkit form across leading European markets and North America.
Business Decision Makers DM. By showing why the cloud isn’t just an IT thing, Google found a brand new ally around the boardroom table. One who’ll become increasingly important as the cloud becomes the norm. And as Google is the power of search, give them the relevant independent reports to back the discussion. Result: over 150 direct or indirect corporate enquiries for Google Apps for Business.
Google IT Manager DM. A full email printed out as a letter/envelope pack, with personalised Google Account Manager video portrait to highlight embedded video within Google+ and their business card. Result: +2100 registrations, double the response rate vs their previous campaign.
Business successful all channel demand generation, digital display, EM campaigns.
Campaign platforms, mapped out into strategic comms planning.