DMA Gold award-winning CRM, BTL. Senior Art Director @Presky Maves.

The ‘Welcome Pack’ combined two ‘nuggets’ that we unearthed through researching the brand. Firstly, a 40 year old Glenfiddich worth £1,000 had just been voted ‘The world’s Best Whisky’ – a great incentive to entice people to respond but, apart from languishing for 28 years more in a cask, it is exactly the same whisky as the standard 12 Year Old. That had to be worth telling. And secondly, the water that was used to reduce it from cask strength to bottling strength was the same water it was distilled from. Glenfiddich is the only Highland Malt Whisky to do this. The range is shown together as a cut-out, reflecting that all Glenfiddich starts out the same. It is the age it matures for and what it matures in that gives each ‘expression’ its individual character. And we had a Scottish water colourist paint the Robbie Dhu Springs Glenfiddich’s source of water. Using actual water from those springs, to really make the point. Part of the CRM programme that in five years grew a customer base of 125,000 malt whisky drinkers and helped the brand back to being number one malt whisky. And bagging a DMA Gold.